Things to try this New Year

Hey Guys,

With the new year just around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to give you some cool ideas to try out this year! With 2020 being as crazy as it has been this year it’ll be nice to go into a different year! Hopefully, it’ll be better than the last!! Alright, enough rambling here’s some cool ideas to try out this new year to bring in 2021!

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  • Try organizing a room in your home! 
    • It’s always good to start another year off with a clean and organized slate! I know this isn’t a fun idea to start things off with but with everything going on and no one knowing if we will be able to have fun parties this year. I thought I’d go with more practical for my first recommendation.
  • Movie Marathon!!
    • Been wanting to binge watch that new series on Netflix? Have a movie that you’ve been wanting to watch so bad but just didn’t have enough time? Let the new year bring in a new movie!!
  • Bookathon?
    • I couldn’t come up with a better title but in the same vein as my previous point. I know that I have a HUGE list of books that I’ve been trying to find time to read. Having a warm blanket and some chill music while reading that book just sounds wonderful to me!
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  • Get those New Years resolutions written down
    • Every year we make them. Hopefully this year we all follow through! I know that mine will be to stay consistent with writing this blog!
  • Zoom party with some friends!
    • I know what your thinking. “It’s not the same as physically being with people!!!” I would totally agree! But as an extrovert, I NEED people time. This is the next best thing for me! 
  • Find a new hobby
    • New year, new you? Try something out of the ordinary this year! Be brave! Be Bold and do something new!

And that’s it, guys. Those are some ideas for you to try this New Year’s. I hope you were inspired and will give some of these things a try!

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As Always, Be Strong and Courageous


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