About Me

Hi guys, if you are here that is probably due to the fact you would like to know some things about me. Well, here you go.

I am an Evangelical Christian, this does not mean I am going to impose my beliefs on you. This is just who I am and I still like having thoughtful discussions. I love to learn about other religions as well.

I like to travel.

I like good food, disclaimer** I don’t like the food if it is looking at me or still moving**.

I like hiking and doing things outdoors.

I like gaming, like computer and console gaming.

I like mentorship and talking about mentorship.

I like to learn, I consider myself a life long learner.

I like history. I am not a history buff though. So, please do not ask me super detailed questions about like dates of when something happened.

I like music, I play guitar, bass, and drums. Not piano, one day maybe.

I like hunting and shooting sports.

I like sports in general. I was raised in Alabama so Roll Tide suckas! But I mostly like softball and soccer since I played both.

And…. That’s all I can think of at the moment. I will add more when I think of it.